Katherine EricksonSilk Road Tribal specializes in tribal jewelry, tribal textiles, and tribal clothing. Whether you're a tribal belly dancer or love the bohemian vibe, Silk Road Tribal has you covered! We source items from India, Central Asia, the Middle East, and North & West Africa and focus on nomadic and gypsy tribes such as the Banjara, Bedouin, Berber, Hilltribe, Kuchi, Rabari, Tuareg, and Turkoman. Enjoy browsing through an ever-changing eclectic collection of vintage and contemporary tribal and bohemian treasures from around the world!

Silk Road Tribal is a woman-owned, one-person small business and is owned and operated by Katherine Erickson. She is the owner, buyer, vendor, web master, graphic designer, photographer, order fulfiller, girl friday, and more! Her fascination with all aspects of jewelry and crafts led to a trip to India in 1998 to visit the craftspeople there. After returning from India she dreamed of owning an ethnic jewelry and textile shop. Several years after she discovered tribal belly dance the dream came true in what is now Silk Road Tribal. A life-long artist and craftsperson, Katherine has had a passion for jewelry and textiles for many years and an interest in making her own jewelry led her to sign up for metalsmithing classes back in the early '90s. That passion is being rekindled today as Katherine begins to create her own line of tribal-influenced jewelry. 

Silk Road Tribal sells not only from this web site, but also at belly dance festivals up and down the West Coast of the United States. Visit the Schedule link above to see where the Silk Road Tribal Travelling Souk will be vending next! Silk Road Tribal does not have a physical store front.

Customer service is Silk Road Tribal's top priority! Katherine is grateful for each and every one of you and she sincerely hopes you are happy with your purchase and that you enjoy your Silk Road Tribal experience!